We are always happy to receive your tax-deductible donations. Your donations are very important because they help us to provide the community with help though our Food Pantry, Healthy Cooking Classes, Back to School Program, Vacation Bible School, Computer Training Classes, Nursing Home Ministries, and other free community outreach programs. We are devoted to making a difference in the community and sharing the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ.
We hope that renovations to our existing building will provide us an opportunity to open a new Christian day care center, and we envision our new worship center to be a place where the community can worship the Lord, the depressed will find hope, single parents will receive strength, and where families will unite and develop a forever friendship God.

We invite you to help us complete this good work and thank you in advance for your thoughtful gift. Be Blessed!!

“Nothing is impossible for God!”
(Luke 1:37 CEV)

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